Collegiate Counsel, Inc.


Collegiate Counsel is dedicated to enhancing the process of identifying, attracting, evaluating and appointing exceptional leaders, consistent with the distinctive mission and unique culture of each of its clients. The firm is founded on sound principles of professional, practical and productive executive search counsel.

The experience of Jon McRae, its founder and a successful executive search consultant in higher education and the corporate sector for more than forty years, helps assure that a comprehensive, inclusive and timely search is conducted. Our role is to enable the search committee to make better decisions with more and better information.


Why choose Collegiate Counsel?

  • Experience - Three decades of successful experience as professional search consultants in education
  • Flexibility – Full search, component services or internal search advisory tailored to your needs
  • Cost Conscious – Work with you to develop a recruitment plan that meets institutional budget
  • Professional & Practical Approach - Previous experience combines the best of academic and corporate search techniques