Paul B. Marion

paulmarion-hsPaul Marion, Ph.D., Senior Consultant is president emeritus of Tiffin University. Prior to assuming the presidency of Tiffin in 2002, Dr. Marion served as President of Franklin College in Indiana. His career in higher education has also included serving as Chancellor of the State College System of West Virginia, Director of Higher Education for the State of Arkansas, and in several other administrative positions. During his successful tenure as a senior leader in both private and public institutions he was intimately involved in identifying, evaluating and attracting senior leadership.

Paul earned a BA degree from Davidson College, a Master's from California State University at Fresno and a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses, published a number of articles in academic journals, made presentations at higher education conferences, held leadership roles in several state and national professional organizations, and served on numerous boards and commissions. He has also been involved in international education and has traveled in more than 70 countries.

Paul joined Collegiate Counsel in 2017. He and his wife Susan live in the Tucson area.